What Makes a Gov Blog 2.0? (Tell Us, Please!)

What is a blog, and how does it fit into Web/Gov 2.0? Because with the most basic use of the technology, a blog isn’t much different at all from a traditional Web site, and those have been around for a long, long time (OK, if that offends, the fact you’re reading shows you’re young at heart 😛 ).
So what makes a blog 2.0?

I would argue that it has to be interactive. It has to allow comments, and the author of the blog has to respond to and interact with the commenters. It should often link to other sources, promote the work of others, and have a collaborative instead of pedantic or hubristic tone. The author should also comment on others’ blogs now and then.

After these essential elements, you have structural problems to address: how to handle commenting, how often to post, what other resources to include.

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Ed Albetski

What makes a blog Web 2.0? What makes anything fit a label? I think all the web technologies that are being buzz-worded into “Web 2,0” are things managers weren’t comfortable with. Blogs are not dangerous, but I’ve met many federal managers who quake at their mention. Fear of innovation is not new, but it is coming in a rush. Lots of folks, especially at the upper levels, need a frame of reference for it all.