What the CIA is up to, with CTO, Gus Hunt

Leaders such as Gus Hunt are dedicated to the mission

If you joined us and Carahsoft on Tuesday at the Big Data Forum, you were fortunate to witness some great talks from government and industry technology leaders. One of those leaders was Gus Hunt, CTO of the CIA and a huge proponent of agile government technology. He delivered a really stellar presentation that provided great context on the CIA and their challenges.

Gus introduced one of the key challenges faced by CIA and its analysts – the massive explosion of noise, and diminished signal to noise ratio. While they collect a huge amount of data daily, unlike most organizations, the CIA cannot expunge data as it ages.

Gus outlined the four big bets he and the CIA are making technically:

These big bets are backed by their “Key Technology Enablers” (basically their streams of investment into technology).

  1. Advanced Mission Analytics
  2. Enterprise Widgets and Services
  3. Security As A Service
  4. Enterprise Data Management – creating a Data Harbor
  5. Cloud Computing

Leaders like Gus play a huge part in our nation’s network security and its ability to combat adversaries in the cyber domain.

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