GovBytes: DOE Denies Loan for Hi-Tech Law Enforcement Vehicle

Carbon Motors, a company looking to create the ideal police car from scratch, was denied a loan by the Department of Energy to fund the continued development of the vehicle. It stands apart from police vehicles currently seen on the road as it is not now, nor was it ever a passenger sedan. Instead, the car is designed explicitly for police business. The company, which has shown its concept vehicle at shows, has already had 500 orders for the cars.

Next-Gen Police Car Takes Shot from Uncle Sam

The reason for the denial, according to Damien LaVera, spokesperson for the DOE, was that tax-payers couldn’t be protected in the deal. However, Carbon Motors co-founder and former police officer Stacy Dean Stephens had this to say:

“The Carbon ATVM loan (which would have been paid back with interest) would simply have ensured that the taxpayers were getting their money’s worth as law enforcement end-users would benefit from using safe and efficient products that actually work well for their mission,”

The vehicle has a list of exciting features including:

  • a “forced induction” diesel engine, which is superior for idling then taking off at high speeds
  • a dashboard and doors fitted with ballistic panels
  • rear doors which open from the center of the vehicle for more space to apprehend suspects
  • a hydroformed aluminium frame normally reserved for high-end sports cars

Is such a hi-tech, groundbreaking vehicle really necessary for superior law-enforcement? Do you think Carbon Motors would have had any trouble selling enough vehicles to repay the loan?

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