What the Small Business Administration can do for you

Acquiring government contracts can be no easy task for small businesses. That’s where the Small Business Administration comes in. The SBA works with small businesses and federal agencies to help connect them. Christopher Dorobek spoke with Michael Chodos of the SBA on his radio show the DorobekINSIDER about what the SBA is doing for small businesses.

One issue is that agencies don’t always know who the small businesses that can provide them with needed services are. The SBA’s job is to make sure that the agencies can find and get connected with the small business of choice. The SBA also advocates to the agencies that they should get the contracts out there, and assists with matchmaking to assure that small businesses get their fair share of contracts.
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BusinessUSA.gov will be a central place for small businesses to get everything they need. It’s been said that government is difficult to navigate, this website is one tool to help offset that. As it gets populated, it will become even more useful for small businesses. All of the items on SBA.gov will eventually be available at BusinessUSA.gov but for now, a great tool through the SBA.gov website is SBA direct. It helps hook up small businesses with agencies and assists with business and marketing plans.
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Agencies sometimes have the mindset that small businesses can’t help, but it’s from small businesses where much of the innovation comes from. SBA highlights the innovations that small businesses are engaging in and have regional innovation clusters that can help network small businesses with procurement centers. The SBA even helps small businesses use social media, create marketing plans, and write better proposals for potential contracts. Sometimes small business owners are so busy working in the business and forget to work on the business; the SBA is there to help them with that.
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To listen to Michael’s full interview you can catch the full radio show at GovLoop Insights or your can subscribe to our itunes channel.

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