What’s important to you?

I started this blog without any great concept for where things would go down the road. I just wanted to have a place where I could put down the little thoughts I had here and there without losing them. If in the process I was able to get feedback and a little bit of a better understanding of how other people were thinking about the same things, so much the better. I think as far as being something that works from an outreach standpoint it’s been good. I’ve met and gotten to learn from a lot of great people along the way. It’s also been great as an outlet in terms of allowing me to have a place to park things that I’ve been thinking about that maybe aren’t something I have the time or energy to put into a full blown article or paper. I’ve actually really enjoyed going back through and getting an opportunity to comb through those ideas a second time and see where I might be able to expand on them, see where my thinking has changed, or learn from somebody who’s posted a comment that made me think about things in a little bit different way. It’s really been exceptional.

One of the things that I haven’t done yet is reach out with regard to things with what to write about because so much of it has been outlet driven. It’s been things that I’m thinking about that are important to me right now that I want to get out there. I’m wondering if I’m not missing out on an opportunity to understand what other people are thinking about and develop a better sense of where things are going in terms of the big picture. So I wanted to use today’s post to ask people for those ideas.

  • What are the things that you are thinking about?
  • What are you are curious about?
  • What topic would you appreciate hearing what myself and others have to say about it?

I know for myself that I’ve stayed away from all things political like sequestration and things like that. I only avoid it because I feel that so few of us have any ability or influence that would allow us to change the path of something and we are more likely just going to have to deal with living with the result of it. So I think in the case of something like that I’d be more tempted to write towards how to survive under the given circumstances and I’ve generally stayed away from all things political for those reasons. I think that there’s less opinion shaping than to be done then there is to be talking about dealing with the results. Outside of the political line I’m very interested in hearing more about or getting anyone’s opinion on what are things that haven’t been discussed as much as they should. So I’m curious what’s on other people’s minds and look forward to covering some of that in the not too distant future.

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