Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Gwyne Kostin, Mobile: The Connected Customer

Gwyne Kostin began by asking the question “why is mobile important?” Mobile is important because the future is mobile, 96% of people from 18-35 have mobile phones; plus, more and more people are accessing the internet with mobile devices.The fact is, if you aren’t mobile, you’re missing out on an important aspect of the future. We use the Internet because:

  • We need to accomplish tasks
  • We’re bored
  • We want access to what is happening in, or is around, our immediate environment

This means we are on our phones a lot! In order to keep up with the mobile future, businesses must be on apps like 4Square, Yelp!, and Groupon. An app should let people know your physical location, and what you do to be effective and drive people to your business. An example of a type of organization that is doing a great job at mobile media are transportation companies. Most transportation systems have an app that shows not only where the station is, but when the next train/plane/bus is as well as how to get there. How simple!

Kostin left us with three ideas:

  • Mobile is not a game
  • Mobile isn’t by itself (it’s part of broader channels of communication)
  • Leaders of corporations must be aware of the importance of mobile media and its importance

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