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People have tweeted in a lot of places, but who’d have thought that astronauts tweet from space? In 2010, NASA launched a new program in which they have astronauts tweet while they are circling the Earth.

NASA also holds in-person tweetups (#NASATweetup) which help them gain media coverage, spread the word, diversify their audiences, and build not only internet participation but also in-person participation. Not all tweetups are successful, however. It’s important to make them unique and memorable, not boring and stale.

But what exactly is a tweetup? An in-person meeting where participants tweet about a particular subject.

And how is one organized? Check out the bullet points:

  • Begin planning early
  • Draft press materials which publicize the tweetup
  • Note the type, length, and location of the event
  • Let people know who is going to speak
  • During the event, provide a tour and make sure all types of people are encouraged to participate.
  • And, oh yeah… Provide WiFi

By the way, does a NASA tweetup sound interesting to you? Then check out www.nasa.gov/tweetup.

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