Whats Next DC Live Blogging, Tim Washer, Humanizing B2B Brands with Social Video

Washer opened with videos to exemplify that we don’t need a ton of facts to build trust. However, many companies who do B2B don’t understand this, and think that the only way to have a successful B2B business strategy is with facts. Lots of facts. The people who feel this way do not realize that:

  • People like simple. If something is simplified, you know the presenter knows the topic and it will be easier for everyone else to understand it as well.
    • It’s okay to have a story, and not just a message about the facts.
    • Documentaries that are interesting are often a positive experience for those watching.
  • People like humor.
    • Humor evokes positive emotions, cuts through the noise, humanizes the brand, and is a gift to the audience.
    • Make someone laugh, and you’ve already created a bond with them.
  • Build trust.
    • Trust goes a long way in creating a relationship. A business relationship, just like a personal relationship, cannot survive without it.

The point? Build a relationship with others. How did Washer prove this point? He finished with a video, a funny one, and it brought the room together.

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