What’s The Money Spent On?

As the “debt ceiling” budget deal is in the process of being agreed across the pond, we’ve been thinking about the impact of visualising budget data, but firstly we’ve opened the budget data for Kent CC.

There are different ways you can visualise what your local council spends its money on

Budget Hero

What could you do with the data?

But going back to the debt ceiling deal, how about if you could use the budget data in ways other than visualising it? The “budget hero” game enables people to try and balance the budget by choosing what they would spend the money on and what they would reduce the spending on.

In games, it’s particularly important that you enable the players themselves to monitor their performance so that can see what impact their “decisions” have on a particular task and what better way than using real data to enable them to do this?

So what could you do with the budget data? Download it here and let us know!

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