Just Say No…But Don’t Be a Jerk!

I was scrolling around the WWW and came across a great blog titled The Art of Manliness. Besides providing great tips on all things manly…from opening doors, to 5 great things to do with a rotisserie chicken…There was a post about being able to say “no”.

As a young professional, I find it very hard to say “no” sometimes. However, on the flip side of being the “yes woman” is an individual who is obsessed with never missing deadlines and producing the perfect “A” paper on the first try. Ultimately, I am slowly learning that it is impossible to be the “yes woman” and constantly produce to the standards that I have set for myself. That is why I found this blog post so helpful.

There is a time and a place to say “no”. Just like a manager must learn to delegate, a Leader must learn to say “no” when necessary.

Check out the advice on how to say NO without sounding like a Jerk here…..oh and guys…you can pick up some great dating tips on the site as well (I think they call this multi-tasking).

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Alicia Mazzara

The Art of Manliness is a great blog (even if you’re not a man). 🙂 I also struggle with saying no, so thank you for sharing this post! For women especially, I feel like saying no can be difficult since the cultural expectation is for us to be nice.