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Where is Your Favorite Place to Work (and where you are also most productive)?

I have worked at GSA for many (many) years and we have always had the equipment, systems, tools and support that we need to work while on the road, work from a client site, work from home, etc. And because of this, it’s also very clear to me that our workforce seems to always be “on”. You can IM, email or SMS someone in the evening, early morning or weekend and you will most likely get a quick response. I don’t think this is because people feel like they must answer right away (because of course we all like, need and deserve our personal time), but I feel that our folks truly like the work, like the people they work with and are dedicated to our mission and to our customers. They give because they get.

So today, I was traveling with a group of co-workers and we started talking about how lucky we are to work for an agency that provides us with the tools and flexibility that enables us to work from truly anywhere. We all need time occasionally to crank through a project or an assignment and working offsite can often provide that kind of opportunity. One of my colleagues said her favorite place to work when she needs to focus and get stuff done is on her sailboat while anchored at the dock. I really enjoy working while sitting on my deck ( a very quiet place except for the numerous bird songs). So I’d love to know – where do you most enjoy getting your work done?

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Steve Ardire

> Where is Your Favorite Place to Work (and where you are also most productive)?
Being self employed is my fav and working from my home office is where I’m most productive 😉

Andrew Krzmarzick

My deck, which backs up to a grove of trees, is my fav place…but I also enjoy working at a coffee shop or cafe with some good tunes coming through the earbuds. Most productive is my home office…and most creative is on a run or bike ride.

Mary Davie

I think I might have to change my favorite from the deck to the beach (like the woman in the picture). The most memorable telework experience I have is working by the pool on Waikiki beach. Was awesome and most productive. Beat sitting in the hotel room working.

Harold (Hal) Good, CPPO

I get the most (“work product”) done in my home office where I am now. I can play whatever music I like and have multiple screens (which I don’t have at work). “Work” more & more is involved with advice giving, “trouble shooting” and meetings. My “Favorite Place” is on the deck which has a great view.

Kitty Wooley

Great question! It’s a tossup between my office at ED and my home office – I love the former because it’s a good base from which to walk around and connect with interesting people, and the latter because it comes with trees and singing birds. About three years ago, I decided to make a personal investment in order to ensure I could connect from anywhere, anytime. That way I can think, write, and communicate about the issues that are most important to me (leveraging the strengths of both hierarchy+network to increase collaborative capacity and revitalizing the federal leadership development space) all the time. And when I need to be off the grid to recharge, I enjoy turning everything off!

Wendy L. Frederick

One summer I was home watching my boys during the week and had to do a conference call. We had gone to a local park right on the water and the kids were playing along the shoreline while I sat on a bench and did the call. Although I was officially off hours at the time it is still my favorite “telework” memory.

Candace Riddle

@ Chris Bennett
Thanks for calling me pretentious. (Just Kidding). My favorite out of office place to work is the local coffee house (usually not Starbucks anymore because they did away with free wi-fi). I enjoy the buzz of people around me and occasional conversations.
I also find that I get a lot done via blackberry in the car. Shhh don’t tell the highway patrol. I’m sure they wouldn’t approve.

Tamara Lamb-Ghenee

My favorite place to work and the place I am most productive is home. While I enjoy interaction with colleagues in the office and the change of pace that onsite visits add to my job, I get the most creative and efficient work done at home. Lack of distractions, no need look good, ability to spread work all over the kitchen table and the counter tops when putting together a complicated project all make home the best place for me. Added bonus…no two hour commute!!!

Matthew Hall

I prefer to be productive with a group of people all doing something together. Joint Collaborative Productivity (I just made that up) The place doesn’t matter to me, but it’s definately not at home. I have a puppy, a 2 year old, and my wife that are all at home each day. I would much rather be doing things with them, so it would be too distracting. The location would need to be a mild temperature and having good light without direct sunlight. Too hot and sunny means afternoon nap.

Stephen Peteritas

Honestly a college library always made me super productive because I hated the vibe so much that I really buckled down and wrapped everything up and got the hell out of there. As far as favorite does doing a deal on the golf course count.