Where the Jobs Are?

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This week on Unleash the Monster, we are focusing on “Where the Jobs Are: Mission Critical Opportunities for America”. The Partnership for Public Service will release the report in partnership with us. It offers insight on the jobs that are available today in the Federal market. This report will show that the government is in need of tens-of-thousands of new employees in mission critical positions.

A guest post from the Partnership on Public Service is on the Community Site. Our team here at Monster Government Solutions has taken the results from the report and addressed the issues that are most pertinent to the Federal market. Specifically, in our post on the Federal page this week, we will address:

* How does these study impact individual government agencies?
* What do government agencies need to start thinking about?
* What specific challenges are ahead?

This year’s report comes at a very important time, with the government fighting hard to make public service cool again. Agencies are faced with the need to position these available jobs in a way to attract the best talent.

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Bethany Henderson

There is so much attention on federal government these days, but there are just as many, if not more, mission-critical jobs becoming available in local government agencies.