Who am I? (aka: Resume2.0)

I got a great idea from @JesseDee to create a resume that tells the story of your work and not just facts and dates. So here it is, my creation:Kevin R. Carter’s Resume

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Dannielle Blumenthal

In the future I think everybody’s resume will be restricted to a Tweet because nobody can even read slide decks anymore.

That said, this format is better than a regular resume definitely.

Michele Costanza

Nice work . . . your bill on slide 8 looks a lot like Bill from Schoolhouse Rock. Is he a distant cousin, perhaps?

Hiring managers appreciate stats, like the ones on slide 13.

Shannon Donelson


I absolutely love this! I honestly wish this was the kind of resume we all could create! Not just a list of accomplishments, but reasons and stories behind them!

How have you used this? Any feedback from employers?

Kevin Carter

Haven’t used it for any actual position (so can’t tell you how it would be received). Most recent job search was through the PMF – which is a bizarre process in itself. I would definitely spend more time looking at a powerpoint slide resume than a paper resume if I was hiring though.

Shannon Donelson

I completely agree! I created a flash version of my resume in addition to my paper resume and put both on my website. I received great feedback about it because it, like yours, it was different and interesting. Although, I haven’t used it in for an actual position yet either.

Sonny Hashmi

Hmmm. Just got an interesting idea. What about putting a QR tag on your paper resume that redirects to the slide share URL, LinkedIN profile, Twitter Feed, etc. I might try that.

Thanks Kevin. Interesting idea