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I’m Proud to be a Civil Servant (even with a looming shutdown)!

It’s impossible to ignore the resentment, anger, and distrust towards Federal employees that permeates our society these days – especially if you happen to be a Federal employee. Our elected officials, reporters, and think tanks have jumped on government workers in an effort to raise their own stature and exposure. Federal employees, whose salaries accountRead… Read more »

Who am I? (aka: Resume2.0)

I got a great idea from @JesseDee to create a resume that tells the story of your work and not just facts and dates. So here it is, my creation:Kevin R. Carter’s Resume View more presentations from elcartero.

Organizational Entrepreneurs: 21st Century Leaders

Making Mountains out of Capitol Hill A first time visitor to Capitol Hill will probably be surprised to find the legislative branch of United States government essentially run by twenty-something-year-olds fresh out of school. “I’m 33 and I am past my time,” Eric Johnson, former Chief of Staff to Robert Wexler (D-FL), told a groupRead… Read more »