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Why Collaboration Between Government & Industry Still Matters? – Part 2

Ingrained into the fabric of the ACT-IAC Executive Leadership Conference is a focus on timely issues. ELC provides not a technical, but a management spotlight on the agenda for the coming year. In our earliest days in Charlottesville, the key issue was procurement reform – and the ELC dialogue resulted in improvements to the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (1994), the Federal Acquisition Reform Act (1995), and the Information Technology Management Reform Act (1996).

The ELC doesn’t lobby for change, but the workshops and discussions inform participants about the coming tides and help us prepare for the new lexicon and the next cultural revolution.

Here are some of the topics addressed in ELC’s past:

  • Best Value and Business Process Reengineering (1992 and 1993)
  • Enterprise Software Licensing and the National Performance Review (1994)
  • Electronic commerce (1995)
  • Y2K and IT Security (1997)
  • Seat Management (1998)
  • Infrastructure Protection (1999)
  • Knowledge Management (2000)
  • E-government (2001)
  • GWACs (2002)
  • Enterprise Architecture (2003)
  • Human Capital (2007)
  • Transparency (2008)
  • Cloud Computing (2009)
  • Sustainability (2010)
  • Mobility (2011)

So if you need to be on the leading edge of where new technology approaches are going on the federal IT community, ELC is a great place to get started. It is interesting that some topics never seem to fall far from the center of the conversation – acquisition reform, human capital, securing the …well, securing everything.

At the 2012 Conference coming up October 28-30 in Williamsburg, we will continue this practice. There is a mobility track that will delve further into the Federal Digital Strategy, examining security and privacy, shared platforms, and customer-centric solutions. The Knowledge Workforce track will cover into leadership, social media, and generational issues. The acquisition track, “Better, Faster, Cheaper,” will explore change and innovation.

Today, all thoughts lead to “Big Data,” and the ELC covers that with sessions intended to define and explore where Big Data will impact mission. We will discuss the changes this incipient concept brings to the government IT table.

ELC 2012 – a place to learn, to discuss, and to illuminate challenges and opportunities that can make the mission succeed.


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