WikiLeaks a boon for US government: Former Obama campaign adviser

In January of this year I posted a discussion paper on Ozloop entitled The public service in a Wikileaks world. Some of the ideas in that paper took me down the path of suggesting that we need a public service renaissance.

Like many others, at the time I was very much of the view that there was much over reaction to the actions of Wikileaks so it is now interesting to read comments like:

“WikiLeaks’ leaking of classified information should be considered a blessing for the US government, and other governments should take heed of the lessons when it comes to information sharing.”

“If Australian government officials better understood the implications of the information they had, they would not need to have strict rules on the release of information.”

Read WikiLeaks a boon for US government

What we need to do, I suspect, is develop a means for public servants to safely and publicly disclose information – early in the piece and before it costs the community. That does need thinking through of course. But surely early disclosure is better than belated disclosure with all the costs that entails.

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