Will there be a cyber czar?

The Obama admnistration is still putting all the pieces of the puzzle together for transparency and information technology.

But the appointments of a federal CIO and CTO are not the end. There’s plenty of speculation there will be a cyber czar, too!

Wow. What a change from previous administrations and how 21st century?

For more on the pending cyber czar appointment, check out FierceGovernmentIT’s post on this subject at:



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Guy Martin

There already *was* a Cyber Czar – Rod Beckstrom. He resigned due to a lot of political infighting over funding/responsibilities between his org in DHS and the NSA.

Let’s hope the new person they appoint can get past some of the squabbling to actually make a difference.

Full disclosure – I know Rod personally from when I interviewed with TWiki.net, and also worked with their technology. I do applaud him for stepping down rather than subjugate himself or his org to a sub-optimal situation.