Winning Business from the Federal Government – Part 6

Today I offer my final two tips to help you win business from the Federal Government. I hope you have found these tips valuable and that your green business will find success in doing business with the government. As I mentioned in my first post, I do not consider myself an expert, but the CEIL Advisory Council members and the many other talented people I’ve met as President of CEIL have been good enough to share their expertise with me, and now I’ve shared it with you.

Today’s final two tips are:green shopping cart

10.Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website to learn about the Five Guiding Principles providing a framework for GREEN federal purchases.

11. Finally, if you have some successful projects/case histories showcasing your product, send the information to me. We can help get the word out at

By the way, if you’re interested in more green government and federal sustainability news, be sure to visit the CEIL website at We post new news and white papers every day to keep federal employees and green businesses up to date on green government topics. Also, if you have a great green product be sure to check out CEIL’s Product Directory, where you can increase its exposure today.

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