Winning Business from the Federal Government

handshakeCompeting for government contracts is always challenging, and it is even more so for small firms. All agencies have to set aside work for small businesses, with additional considerations given for minority-, woman- and veteran-owned companies. But it is up to each company to find out about those opportunities.

To help shed some light on how to win government contracts, I’ve put together a set of 11 tips that we will post here on the CEIL Blog over the next few days. The following are the first three ways to get started toward winning green-related business. One caveat: I’m not an expert on winning government business and what is listed below comes from other sources, including GOVgreen’s Advisory Council.

  1. Register in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) national database and add your business to the Dynamic Small Business Search.
  2. Broaden your NAICS codes to open up green contracting opportunities: Visit to determine your NAICS codes.
  3. Develop a green-specific capability statement: A capability statement is a necessity when doing business with the government. A successful capability statement includes, but is not limited to, company overview, core competencies, past performance, differentiators, company data and contact information

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