Winning CityLife App Partner Cities Announced!

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As we approached the Beta release of our new mobile app CityLife, we called for volunteers. Ten lucky communities would receive free versions of CityLife to test for themselves — to experience the integration of a slick mobile platform with all the services and info of a municipal website — and to give feedback on the product. We began collecting applications from across the nation, excited about the great number of positive responses (which soon prompted us to change the number of winning cities from ten to twelve!).

After our presentation of the app at the NAGW conference last month, the encouraging feedback was overwhelming. Many more communities volunteered to test the Beta version after seeing how CityLife makes it easier for local governments to provide quick public access to maps, events, legal info, and more. It was great to see so many cities taking interest in our product.

So who are the lucky twelve? They are (from East to West) Morris County, NJ; Chesapeake, VA; Charlotte, NC; Greenville, SC; Montgomery, OH; Prattville, AL; LaVergne, TN; Holland, MI; Ankeny, IA; Overland Park, KS; Enid, OK; Tucson, AZ and Washoe County, NV — congratulations! We look forward to working with these fine communities and learning from them as we improve CityLife.

In addition to the ten new winners, we will continue to work with our original partner cities of Mecklenburg County, NC; Geneva, IL; Rockwall, TX; Manor, TX; Arvada, CO; and Seattle, WA. In total, we have eighteen partner cities from coast to coast, which will provide an ideal variety of testing situations for the new platform.

The partner cities (view on Google Maps) will make the app available to their local governments within a few weeks. As the rubber meets the road we expect valuable feedback and ideas to flow, enabling us to improve or remodel as needed. We’re excited to share CityLife and its benefits with these forward-thinking communities, and of course we’re grateful for their cooperation too! It’s going to be a great adventure.

Stay tuned for news on the progress of CityLife’s Beta launch!

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