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Google supports diversity and inclusion in all of its communities, including users, employees, and developers. In that spirit, Google Developers Live launched Women Techmakers (WTM) in November, an initiative to bring visibility to women in technology who are fearlessly innovating, honing technical expertise, and testing the boundaries of the web.

The Women Techmakers series is back for round two on Google Developers Live(GDL)! In the spirit of the holidays, hosts Megan Smith of Google[x], Lacy Caruthers (Google Giving), Angela Lin (YouTube EDU), and Pavni Diwanji (Google+), sit down with women who are using their technical backgrounds to effect social change and make an impact. Join us in-studio Tuesday through Friday of this week at 2:30 p.m. Pacific to learn more about how Women Techmakers are giving back in big ways.

WTM & Julie Hanna – Board of Directors, Kiva.org

As a repeat entrepreneur, board director of Kiva, startup and venture advisor, and angel investor, Julie Hanna knows about giving back. Her work at Kiva, a crowdfunding pioneer leading the micro-lending marketplace, has been integral in touching over 800,000 low-income entrepreneurs in more than 60 countries, adding up to more than $350M loans delivered. Radhika Malpani, Bridgette Sexton of Google Ventures, and Anita Yuen of Google.org dive into Julie’s experience using her technical skills to make social change. Watch Julie.

WTM & Jennifer Pahlka – Code for America

Code for America is a new kind of public service. Join hosts Chris DiBona and Lacy Caruthers in the Google Developers Live studio, as they sit down with Code for America founder and executive director Jennifer Pahlka to discuss how she is working on the technical side with web professionals and cities nationwide to promote public service and reboot government. Watch Jennifer.

WTM & Sasha Laundy – Codecademy

Codecademy makes learning code easy and collaborative. From Women Who Code and Codecademy, Sasha Laundy joins Amanda Surya and Angela Lin for a discussion of how Codecademy makes learning code interactive, iterative, and fun. More minds are better than one. Watch Sasha.

WTM & Kim Polese – ClearStreet Inc., Sun Microsystems

Watch live today @ 2:30 p.m. Pacific.
ClearStreet Inc., a social finance startup, is focused on helping people eliminate debt and achieve long-term financial health. Chairwoman and original Java Project Manager at Sun, Kim Polese, speaks with Megan Smith and Pavni Diwanji about her experience as a leading Silicon Valley entrepreneur and technology executive, and how her work with ClearStreet is impacting users’ daily lives.

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