The WOO Factor


Point: People who can walk into a crowd of strangers and succeed in winning others over (WOO) master the art of human connect. These innate leaders demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and others feel inclined to build relationships with them. If you’re looking to beef up your interpersonal skills trying adding some WOO to your order.

Advice: Aim to become a more likable person by dressing yourself with a smile. “The man who gives little with a smile gives more than the man who gives much with a frown,”-Jewish Proverb

Winning others over begins with your demeanor and presence.

1. Look for common ground as soon as possible- People feel more comfortable interacting when they have something in common. You are both standing in the same room for a reason (that’s one thing in common). Start with the obvious and build outward.

2. Encourage and facilitate two-way conversation– Share experiences, ask questions and spark the person’s interest. Strangers do well talking about themselves to other strangers.

3. Practice good listening skills– Show the person that you care about what they are sharing. Acknowledge something interesting they said and probe them for more information on the topic.

4. Show energy and enthusiasm– Use appropriate vocal variety and hand gestures when talking.

5. Make an effort to remember names– Attempt to say the person’s name aloud three times during the conversation. (“Hi Tom, my name is Crystal”, “Wow Tom, that sounds like fun I always wanted to go skiing. What place do you recommend?”, “It was a pleasure to meet you Tom, here’s my business card, please keep in touch”)

Challenge: Those who have the WOO factor see a crowd of strangers as friend they have yet to meet. Start establishing connections quickly by practicing the tips above.

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