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Working on my project plan for a complete site redesign.

People that write content know the message that they want to get across to the people that are reading thier content. But they have very little idea about how to organize that material that people can easily sort though that content and that is the largest part of the problem or discontect from the content producer and the content consumer. People that have a firm understanding of how data on the web is structured and understand that visual design is different from content design will be more successful at providing that link that help connect people with questions to people with answers.

this Connection starts with a better understanding of what HTML is about. Or having a better understanding what each of the tags mean and how that relates to the content that is being provided.

The largest mis-understandng of HTML comes from a desire to have the be visually designed in a certain manner. I don’t like how “big” the H1 tag makes my text so I will tag it H2 so there is no longer a chain of related Heading tags and the information or the content is no longer designed well.

The first stap for this is to start each of the developer that provide content support have a superior understanding of each of the tags. And the best way to learn this is examing and convert old content and re-write it in great content design. This requires coaching of each of the people that convert the content to code and place it into development.

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