World Paper Free Day – October 28 2010 – Will you turn off your printers? #wpfd

Paper is a costly crutch and one that may be handicapping your office more than helping. Paper Free Day asks you to commit one day to:

1. Conscientiously make a point to not PRINT

2. Investigate a business process or technology that can cut the paper waste in your office

3. Participate or Produce a local Paper Free Day event

Research shows that we will have close to 10x more information in 2011 compared to 2006, which means that organizations with paper based processes and archiving will drown in paper. Going paperless will therefore not only help the environment, but make an organization more efficient with easier and simultaneous access to valuable information from across the organization.

To find out what is going on locally just go to or do the simple thing; DON’T PRINT ALL DAY.

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Andrea Baker

If only the Federal Government would not print for one day. If only the Presidential Daily Briefing was delivered electronically on a tablet or some smart device. If only… we could save millions of trees, ink, and pathogens put off by printers into the air, thus saving our lungs!

Everyone should amend their signatures to have the following under their nameblock:

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.
(I have it in GREEN and BOLD text)