GovLoop India: I’ll Help You Make It Happen

Update: GovLoop India exists now.

GovLoop has extended its influence to the UK, Canada, Israel, Australia and even Russia. However, there’s little on GovLoop about India — the world’s second most populous country. We should change that with a GovLoop India group.

What’s going for it — it’s second most populous country and most populous democracy.

The Potential a rapidly growing economy, and an expandinig middle class.

The Problems — it’s perceived as more corrupt than China, a famously slow bureaucracy, and high inflation.

Information sharing through GovLoop could help Indians achieve their potential and solve their problems. It sounds ambitious, but looks what GovLoop has done for American Govies in just a few years — we are smarter and more connected because of Ressler’s idea.

It’s time GovLoop goes to India.

As strong as I feel about this idea, my priorities lie elsewhere (my job, All Things Sterling, Young Acquisition Professionals, Young Government Leaders and ACT-IAC) for the time being in addition to my social life; one more full-time project would be too much and the others would suffer.

Therefore, I’m calling on the GovLoop Community — if you know someone who cares about India and would like to run a GovLoop India group, let me know. I’ll help that person set up the group and provide whatever resources and guidance I can to get it going.

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Sterling Whitehead

129! Wow. That’s impressive. Hopefully they can start up a strong community.

From a personal perspective, American national interests are heavily aligned with India’s, with particular regard to preventing the collapse of Pakistan and counterweighting an aggressive Chinese foreign policy.

We have a lot we can cooperate on together, but there’s not enough going on.

Sterling Whitehead

Is there an internal system on GovLoop has that can be used to invite people living in India or is it the regular invite one at a time system?