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Writing the recipe for cake !

Objective: Plan the city that we want until the year 2020;
Initiative: Legislative Hall of Fortaleza;
Title of Project: Pact For Fortaleza;

Project Details:
“The Covenant By Fortress is an initiative of the Legislative Hall of Fortaleza
inviting civil society organizations and municipal governments, state
and federal, to discuss the challenges of our city by the year 2020. “

“Debating the reality of the city and the paths we can take to reach the city we want for the next ten years is the goal of the Pact For Fortress, which operates in five thematic areas: Public Security and Citizenship, Economic and Social Development, Quality Life, Urban Mobility, Urban Waste and Income Generation. “

Project Information on the Internet:
Portal: http://pactoporfortaleza.cmfor.ce.gov.br
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pactofortaleza

The Pact By Fortress and Information Technology:

A short time citizen participation in representative democratic government simply the choice of politicians through their vote, monitoring the government’s actions on TV, radio, newspapers and other media.

Imagine taking a phone call and talk directly to the Governor of your state, your Senator or even your President? Political informing your opinion about your particular project, or even taking a doubt about something you read in the press?

My friend, the little time it would seem impossible to achieve a true Utopia!

Social Networks represent an open door for Democracy!

The use of twitter that lets you interact with your followers, using 140 characters, and being used by a leading political world, President Obama, has revolutionized the way of communication between government and society.

We are living the reality of the true e-government!

The Pact By Fortress makes available Citizen’s another channel for interaction and monitoring of this project. Information is being updated in Portal, received by email, orkut and twitter.

A canal was opened, as citizen have the opportunity and duty to participate!

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