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Writing the recipe for cake !

Objective: Plan the city that we want until the year 2020;Initiative: Legislative Hall of Fortaleza;Title of Project: Pact For Fortaleza; Project Details:“The Covenant By Fortress is an initiative of the Legislative Hall of Fortalezainviting civil society organizations and municipal governments, stateand federal, to discuss the challenges of our city by the year 2020. “ “DebatingRead… Read more »

IT for Municipalities of 100 thousand citizens or less in México (IN SPANISH – EN ESPAÑOL)

TIC para municipios de 100mil hab o menospubweb.pdf This presentation was writen and presented in the congress “Foro de innovación y modernización Gubernamental 2009” 10 y 11 de agosto 2009 Ciudad de México. Trata acerca de la situación de “TIC de los municipios de 100 mil habitantes o menos en México” y de los espejismosRead… Read more »