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You Are A Twit

You Are A Twit

Or at least you should be :-)

If you haven’t yet discovered Twitter as an awesome way to find great project management resources, let me introduce you.

You, this is Twitter. Twitter, meet you.

You can easily search Twitter for whatever type of project management resources you are interested in.

You will quickly notice people you will want to follow, because they tweet great stuff.

Want some great general project management resources? Search for #pmot (project managers on twitter) or search for #pm.

Looking for tips specific to new project managers? Search for #ftpm (first time project manager).

Going for PMP Certification? Search for #pmp.

Interested in perspectives specific to Latin America? Search for #pmlat.

Are you Agile or want to be? Search for #agile.

Love Kanban and want to keep on top of thought leadership in this area? Search for #kanban.

And as if that weren’t enough, there are tons of great services out there that help you find great stuff on Twitter. Some of them even archive tweets for posterity.

You could search for project management on listerous, for instance.

A great way to find good tweeps (people) to follow is to look at someone you really like on twitter, and see who they are following. Especially if they have a small number of people they follow, you’ll know they are selective about who they choose to follow on twitter. Look at the ratio of followers to followees…if they are about the same or they follow many more people than follow them, you know that perhaps they just reciprocal-follow people. If they have thousands of followers but a handful of people they follow, check out the people they are following. Good stuff.

And of course, you could follow people like…um…let’s say @pmstudent. That nerd posts some decent stuff from time to time. 🙂

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