You Are Your Brand

“You work to make a difference and to want to make a meaningful contribution to those around you and for your organization. You don’t work to seek for being loved by all. If everyone in the organization acts as they agree with you but do not want to communicate with you, you have a problem. If you work and try to seek only a “yes” answer, you have a problem. If you work and you try to seek for “being loved” by everyone, you have a problem. Do what is right for the organization, not to satisfy an individual as you will never satisfy everyone. People may be self-serving! Be aware of those!” Source: LinkedIn by Dr. Phuong Le Callaway, (PhD)

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David B. Grinberg

Good advice and interesting insights, Phuong.

I agree that an employee can’t please all of the staff all the time — regardless of one’s position. Moreover, there are too many “yes” people in gov who will just follow the lead of others rather than speak out to voice diverse views and different ways of doing business.

In short, there may not be enough “change agents” in gov to shake up the status quo, whether that involves adopting new technologies or processes/procedures to work more efficiently, effectively and expediently to accomplish mission-related goals.

Perhaps this will change as younger generations enter the public sector workforce.