You know President Obama’s website captains are doing good when your parents forward you a url.

Have you checked out ?

The creme-de-le-creme of geeks who are part of this community have been way ahead of the curve.
But when, to borrow a line from a Comcast cable commercial, “The Slowskies” catch up with technology, some who are the persistent kvetches, complainers, correspondents to the Hill, City Hall and White House mailroom—well, you know you’re on to something.

My parents are the early adopters…trying out Vonage first to save a few bucks, buying RX from Canada, going wireless so that visiting grandkids and children have web access. They’re not the Slowskies.

But, I’m lucky, they are one of those pair parents that forward all sorts of stuff–some junk–to my in box. And, it gets forwarded to their classmates mailboxes too. (Hooray for Boys High and Lafayette High in Brooklyn!)

What a country!

But, is this transparency or—yikes! just good PR?

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