Knowledge Management In the Government

If you have not seen (or listened to the accompanying podcast) to the article, An Update on Knowledge Management in the Federal Government you should take an opportunity to do so. Some key findings from their yearly survey of KM in the federal government:

  • A maturing of knowledge management throughout federal agencies is occurring. On average, the agencies have been involved with a knowledge management initiative for almost five years, and the percentage of those that have been involved with KM for more than four years is 47%, up from 38% just one year ago.
  • In the 2002 survey, the percent of federal enterprises doing knowledge management longer than four years was only 10%. In 2008, there were almost three times as many respondents that indicated that they had an initiative in place for more than four years versus those that were involved in KM less than two years.
  • Twenty-two percent indicated in 2008 that they had an initiative in full production mode, significantly higher than the 14% reported in 2007.

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