Your help needed: Crowdfunding the Tim Berners-Lee tour

Whether or not you attended one of the events given in Australia by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in his TBLDownunder tour, it’s likely his visit will have an impact on how Australian governments and their agencies think about openness, digital channels and online engagement.

During his visit Sir Tim, the inventor of the world wide web, raised the profile of open government, privacy, open data, high speed broadband amongst many of Australia’s senior government Ministers and bureaucrats.

He spoke about digital democracy, privacy and open data – what governments can and should do, and what they should not – to decision-makers, policy writers and the public; 5,500 in-person at events and thousands more online.

The tour was sponsored, however at the last minute one sponsor pulled out, leaving a $20,000 shortfall.

To meet this, the tour’s organisers have launched a crowdfunding exercise. As they say on the crowdfunding site’s page, “If just 1000 individuals donate $20 each, we can cover this shortfall.”

If you were pivileged to hear Sir Tim present during his Australian tour, consider donating.

If you were not able to hear Sir Tim speak, but believe that his tour will help you overcome barriers at your work, consider donating.

And if you don’t think Sir Tim’s presentations will help you in your job but will help Australian governments become more open and improve citizen engagement, consider donating.

$20,000 isn’t that much to raise, if we’re each prepared to give a little.

I’ve given. How about you?

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