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Your Turn: Transparency Questions

On Friday, AABPA will host TRANSPARENCY 2011: THE BUDGET AND YOUR CAREER in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and Public Financial Publications, Inc.

The conference is designed to provide key insights on how the current budget situation and heightened demand for budget skills combine to create a career opportunity. The discussions will focus on how transparency efforts have influenced the ongoing budget debates at all levels, where more effort could improve the discussions, and how this relates to job seekers interested in the federal government. This event will include direct networking opportunities with analysts in the federal government.

AABPA wants to hear your thoughts. What questions do you have or what points do you think the speakers should address? We’ve created discussion threads for each panel. After the event, check back to see how the panels responded!


This session will include a discussion on the local government response to the funding assistance provided from the federal government as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the related rules for transparency and reporting. Panelists will talk about their experiences as both researchers and practitioners.


This session will focus on the professional challenges and opportunities that exist as a result of the current federal fiscal distress. Practitioners will discuss how funding decisions are made and what types of data are available to aid policy choices.

ANALYST ROUND TABLE: Managing Your Career from Day One

What does it mean to be a federal analyst? This session will answer those questions and provide career insight for future budget and program analysts. Seasoned professionals will discuss what their jobs entail, how their careers have evolved, provide insight into opportunities and career paths for budget and program analysts, and share lessons they’ve learned along the way. This panel will end with a highly interactive session where you will be able to ask for career advice.

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