Ask the Gov Expert: Dr. Nick Nayak, CPO, DHS

In case you missed the recent Gov Up at Public House in National Harbour, Young Government Leaders and Gov Loop had Dr. Nick Nayak, Chief Procurement Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security answer some of your most pressing questions on camera.

A BIG THANK YOU to Rafferty Weiss Media for filming this video!

RaffertyWeiss Media ( ) is a full-service creative video production company, offering federal government, corporate and non-profit clients video, public service announcements, interactive and radio production services. Recently, RaffertyWeiss produced several national PSAs and outreach/training videos for the Department of Labor, HHS, NIH, CMS and SAMSHA. In the private sector, they have produced internal and external videos for companies such as Sprint, BlackBerry and Lockheed Martin. This work, in addition to much more over the past ten years, has resulted in a strong corporate reputation for quality work, skilled project management and cost-beneficial solutions.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

“Persistence, continuous learning and a positive attitude…” Great advice for young govies (and all of them for that matter)!

Jeff Ribeira

This is an awesome video both in content and creation! Well done Candice for organizing a successful event, and thanks again to Dr. Nayak and the video team. This turned out to be an excellent resouce!

Sterling Whitehead

Both videos turned out very well. I wish we had a process in place to produce videos like this on a regular basis, covering different topics. Maybe HR is covered one month. Procurement another. Financial management the third.