Cool Project – Bright Ideas Book and Submit Your Ideas

I’m always a supporter of new ways to get thought leaders together on how we can improve government.

I thought the NSI Bright Ideas was a cool project to have discussions on how gov’t could best invest recovery funds so when they reached out to me, I thought it was a great fit and GovLoop is one of the partners. So I encourage everyone to check it out and share your ideas.

Join NSI as we launch the Bright Ideas book, a collection of innovative thought-starters on how government leaders can invest recovery funds to jump-start their state and local economies. Our country’s political leaders face an extraordinary challenge and opportunity – how to best deploy billions of dollars to improve peoples’ lives through investment and reforms in education, healthcare, the environment, energy efficiency, and public safety – focusing on programs which assist those in need, leveraging technology and innovation.

To stimulate discussion through the sharing of ideas, NSI collaborated with leaders from private industry, associations, foundations, think tanks, non-profits and government – people with true passion for creating long-standing, positive outcomes for our communities. The Bright Ideas book emerged from those conversations.

NSI believes there is an abundance of good ideas, creativity, and entrepreneurism in our country. This book represents some of those best ideas, providing ways in which our leaders can really make an impact.

This is just the beginning. Visit the bright ideas website to access the book, comment on its ideas, share your own ideas using our online idea exchange tool, and learn more. Together we can make a difference!

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