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Sweet Gov Tweets – Monday May 18th

ashban : @tericee RT:@Podkeyne: Interoperability demo at AFCEA Solutions Interagency, Allied and Coalition Information Sharing-Disaster Mngt booth

AFCEAHelen : Renuart: Security and access don’t compete with one another, they need to complement one another. #afcea #afceasol

AFCEAHelen : Renuart: My coalition village has about 120ish flags flying in it. #afcea #afceasol

signalmag : Tune into AFCEA Solutions at the webcast page: http://www.afcea.org/events/solutions/09/infosharing/webcast.asp

AFCEAHelen : Gen. Renuart: If you protect your info as a tool of power, you are keeping the nation from succeeding. #afcea #afceasol

AFCEAHelen : Genuard: we don’t command or control any of the partners we work with. #AFCEA #afceasol

uhnoneemus : “…the use of social media by digital natives isn’t just their preference, it is their instinct” Maxine Teller (DoD). #gov20 #pfengage

geosteph : perhaps the hardest part for govt agencies is to commit to collaboration. It’s an ongoing relationship-you have to commit to inovate #gov20

geosteph : Listen to the conversation and identify where you can add unique value. Then reach out a participate–and choose the tools for you #gov20

geosteph : Find the “influentials” people who are influencing your particular target audience #gov20

geosteph : Bloggers roundtables are basically audio press conferences for non-credentialed press (bloggers) #gov20

geosteph : One of the goals was to fill the gap between public interest and media coverage (DoD speaker) #gov20

geosteph : More that 60% of the armed forces are Digital Natives “new media is not new to them” #gov20

geosteph : DoD has tremendous support from the top for New Media and created Emerging Media group #gov20

AFCEAHelen : First up, Gen Victor E Renuart Jr, USAF. Commander, North American Aeropsace Defense Command/US Northern Command #afcea #afceasol

AFCEAHelen : http://c4i.gmu.edu/ <—George Mason’s C4I Center #afcea #afceasol

AJ_DC : @mixtmedia would love to hear more about the bloggers roundtable! #pfengage #gov20
signalmag : Tune in to @AFCEAHelen for live coverage from AFCEA Solutions Inter-Agency, Allied and Coalition Information Sharing #afcea #afceasol

jspeigel1 : data.gov conference call, lunch in tysons, meeting with @kmerritt #yam #gov20

geosteph : Influence-the next level of engagement–focus on blogosphere and how bloggers are engaged in the topic and what is their reputation #gov20

MikeLastort : #pfengage #gov20 at the “Engaging the Public Through Social Media Training Workshop” today. Interesting discussions.

geosteph : Participation metrics: Sharing content, contribution, conversations.. moving to measures of engagement for metrics #gov20

mixtmedia : My first tweet to @JenCragg! She and I are co-presenting about DoD’s Bloggers Roundtable Program this a.m. #pfengage #gov20

govwiki : what we want is public interest, participation and longevity of engagment #gov20 http://tinyurl.com/pgg99t

mixtmedia : @AndrewPWilson of HHS arrived — he’s also speaking here at #pfengage If you don’t follow him and you’re interested in #gov20, you should.

geosteph : what we want is public interest, participation and longevity of engagment #gov20

mixtmedia : @web20blog just announced #pfengage as the hashtag for today’s Potomac Forum event #gov20

govloop : On GovLoop: The Future of Search Engines http://bit.ly/AuMBC

govloop : On GovLoop: When the power goes out – will Gov 2.0 follow http://bit.ly/ANzP6

Rchards : Any good international examples of democratising data? #poit #gov20

SPIsolutions : RT @gwynnek Usability guru Jakob Nielsen asked for good bizness use of Twitter. Names ONLY @CDCemergency http://bit.ly/KcPbJ #gov20

cidade : #delicious [from lms4w] Kundra’s Ideas Shape Book – Tech Insider http://tinyurl.com/dbtspn

cloudexpo : My Meeting With Mr. Vivek Kundra http://soa.ulitzer.com/node/968008

josemalonso : RT @johnlsheridan:RT @timoreilly: Vancouver enters the age of the open city http://bit.ly/cPbUU (via @david_a_eaves) #gov20 #w3cegov

govloop : On GovLoop: Coffee at Work http://bit.ly/A7be9

govwiki : With the panel over, my only question is will the Gov 2.0 discussion have an impact on the membership. #IACA #gov20 http://tinyurl.com/q …

govloop : On GovLoop: The Difference a Tweet Makes- Tips for Social Networking http://bit.ly/GgAiT

briangryth : Gov 2.0 panel is now over. Question now is will it have an impact of membership? #iaca #gov20

bashley : So I see #gov20 as an exotic bird, perched high in the forest canopy, one eye on tigers walking fearless across the floor.

bashley : We’ll know #gov20 has arrived when a villian with an evil laugh appears in a comic, bent on taking over #socialmedia’s world.

anniechae : RT @gov2events: RT @GovDelivery: Government 2.0 enthusiasts worth following: http://bit.ly/UMiIt #gov20

pdxdog : RT @govloop: Waterwings: A Quick Start to Online Communities http://bit.ly/Enmyd – thoughtful beginning.

bashley : One knows #gov20 is young and fresh because there’s no one to placate yet.

bhaven : RT @mstoddard: Vancouver enters the age of the open city http://bit.ly/Ezzdr #gov20 #opengov <= Good to watch!

govloop : RT @chrisgolden Aneesh Chopra, President’s CTO nominee has Senate Commerce nomination hearing Tues at 11am http://is.gd/B9Sf

bashley : One excitement for me about #gov20 is that no one has reached his/her final thought on it. No land in sight.

bashley : Might we venture this, the prologue for #gov20 is over? Curtain trembling open for Act 1, Scene 1, to begin?

govwiki : #gov20 still a duckling. via@govloop: On GovLoop: Waterwings: A Quick Start to Online Communities http://bit.ly/.. http://tinyurl.com/oeggq8

govwiki : As #gov20 grows will it get heavier? http://tinyurl.com/p6qo7g

majastevanovich : @govloop=great lessons on Social Media, I think gov and military communities are a step above than the norm on this, follow if u r into SM

bashley : #gov20 still a duckling. via@govloop: On GovLoop: Waterwings: A Quick Start to Online Communities http://bit.ly/Enmyd

govloop : On GovLoop: Should non-fire FS employees be allowed to go on fire assignments when there primary task.. http://bit.ly/BBisI

govloop : On GovLoop: Waterwings: A Quick Start to Online Communities http://bit.ly/Enmyd

bashley : As #gov20 grows will it get heavier?

bashley : Maybe the #gov20 bunny looks so big because its handlers’ hands are between the candle and the wall.

nellleo : @mgifford thanks for that http://mysociety.org quite neat! have a peak http://bit.ly/Bv9bG some useful info here. #opengov #socialmedia

ariherzog : What’s with the FCC? Web manager @fcckitz rarely tweets and beat reporter @SchatzWSJ doesn’t reply or RT. Weird. #gov20

AndrewPWilson : Being a Suggested User Leads to Thousands of Twitter Followers http://bit.ly/a8UBf (hey @twitter, how about a #gov20 leader?)
jennylovett : Social media and government on GovLoop…see blog on Gov 2.0 @ http://bit.ly/eKdci

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