Creating and Measuring Citizen Trust

I’m at 2011 Gov’t Customer Satisfaction Forum presented by Federal Consulting Group.

There’s some great presentations so I’m taking notes.

Dr. Forrest Morgeson, Research Scientist, American Customer Satisfaction Index

How much citizens trust government
-Measure by agency
-Measure by generalized trust
-People trust more specific agencies than overall trust in gov’t. 68% agency trust vs 41% overall trust.

Improved customer satisfaction helps agency trust which then improves overall trust in federal government

More citizens coming in contact with government. Increase in system load

Key is to be able to answer all FAQs for citizens on a website

Satisfaction by medium – To me, differences b/w are very small

-62% phone

-63% email
-65% printed materials

-66% website
-67% visiting agency

By agency – satisfaction of people that have interacted with one of these agencies recently

-DOD – 83%

-Agriculture – 69%


-DHS- 67

-Interior – 67

-SSA – 67

-Federal – 65
-HHS – 65



Don’t find huge demographic differences between online and offline

Don’t do research on internal websites

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