1600 Pennsylvania Has Done it Again!

I’ll admit it, I really do love Whitehouse.gov. I talk about it in various posts here on Govloop, but I can’t help it. Some of the best examples of social media in government can be found on Whitehouse.gov.

This morning, I wanted to explore what the site would offer viewers today because of the State of the Union. Boy was I blown away.

In the hours and days following the State of the Union Address, a series of online events will occur. Questions will be answered by the President, Vice President, and senior staff. The State of the Union page also offers historical facts, tons of links to the White House’s social media accounts and mobile apps.

My favorite part? The First Lady’s Box section. Viewers can rollover the 21 chairs of the box to see descriptions of all of the First Lady’s guests. Guests include Dr. Jill Biden, government officials, entrepreneurs, military servicemen and women, and families and heroes of the recent Tucson shooting.

Be sure to stay up-to-date on all of the State of the Union coverage by checking out Whitehouse.gov!

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