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Disruptive Technologies — why Netflix and Southwest Succeed

Disruptive innovation is having a HUGE impact on how you do your job — think cloud computing and military drones.

But what is disruptive innovation… and how can you be at the forefront rather than being run over by it?

Bill Eggers is responsible for research and thought leadership for Deloitte’s Public Sector industry practice and is the author of If We Can Put a Man on the Moon: Getting Big Things Done in Government.

Bill says, “thanks to disruptive innovations, much of our world today looks radically different than it did just a decade or two ago. Remember flying in the old days? Air travel used to be inevitably expensive and cumbersome — until Southwest Airlines. Trips to the video store and looming late fees are now a distant memory, thanks to Netflix.”

He told Chris Dorobek why government struggles to create disruptive innovation.

Bill Eggers talks disruptive innovation by cdorobek

Bill says the cloud is one of the biggest government success that will dramatically change the way the government does business and save costs.

But he says the government should take the cloud idea one step further to something he calls the Fed Cloud.
Bill Eggers talks Fed Cloud by cdorobek

Deloitte has created a very cute Fed Cloud commercial — take a look!

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