Meet The Johnny Appleseed of Open Government

There's the on going debate of the worth of Open Government and or Gov 2.0. We've been back and forth on the issue umpteen times on GovLoop:

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But for any of your fence sitters out there I'd encourage you to check out Virginia Decoded.

Virginia Decoded is a code mash up of all the state's codes and ordinances put together so that YOU the average citizen can make sense of what it all means. Think of it like a wikipedia for state codes sans the ability for some joker to falsify the information.

Recently we sat down with Waldo Jaquith the developer behind Virginia Decoded and and discussed the importance of open source and open government and his plan to become the Johnny Appleseed of open source for government by taking his code across statelines and beyond.

The Johnny Appleseed Of Open Source by cdorobek

What open government projects would you like to see in your state or local government?

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