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Do You Have a Telework Dress Code?

I’ve been a professional teleworker for several years and find myself changing things up to get in the right productive mind-set.

While I typically find myself in jeans and a GovLoop T-shirt it’s interesting to hear from other teleworking friends on their style when working from the home office, the coffee shop or the shared office space here in Tampa.

In this survey conducted by Microsoft, I’m really eager to see the results — too many intriguing questions similar to what’s your telework dress code there are questions like; team collaboration techniques, travel time and type of transportation you utilize etc…

Please take this enjoyable survey on teleworking preferences!

Let us know how you remain productive — not only will the results be shared with you – but Microsoft will donate $1 for every response to the American Red Cross.

What’s your personal dress code when teleworking?


Did you know? Microsoft 365 uses familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools and deliver them through the cloud. This way everyone can work together easily from any location and have access to email, web conferencing, documents and calendars. It includes business-class security and is backed by Microsoft. Learn more here.

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Lori Bills

I’ve had friends say to me that they wish they could telework so they could stay in their PJ’s. I don’t know who really would want to stay in PJ’s all day long when working! Really, C’mon? I admit I’ve tried it, but I just feel tired and lazy all day. The only way I will stay in PJ’s is if I’m really sick and then I usually end up not working a full day. Personally I like to mix up my dress code between business casual and exercise or active wear. I like to get moving on my breaks and lunches! I like to walk outdoors if its warm or I’ll hop on the treadmill or lift a few weights! This helps sustain energy for the rest of the day and keeps me focused when teleworking. I’m also a proud supporter of the American Red Cross! Thanks!

Kitty Wooley

I take a shower, do my hair, dress in clothes (usually jeans) that are clean and neat, and wear shoes. Up to now, I haven’t felt a need to wear suits at home, although that would change if the day involved face-to-face interaction including by video.

Jack Shaw

Shorts and t-shirt. Comfort is key. If I have a video-call, I’ll dress for it. Still may be shorts or sweats, but not so anybody would know. I’m up with the kids and see them off to school and my wife off to her office, then I march upstairs to my office and get to work.

Christina Morrison

Interesting post! I look forward to the seeing the results of the survey. I agree with Lori, business casual with the occasional active wear outfit is best for the teleworking professional. It helps to motivate me to exercise at lunch verses eating at my desk and never leaving the house all day. I also get the comments about working in my PJs all day. However, I have the occasional video call, and would never attend a meeting in PJs – on video or in person 🙂 I’m casual most days, and keep a jacket on my desk chair to put on when the video call begins. Either way, our work is definitely a product of the way we feel, and if we feel energized , our work reflects that.

Megan Price

I change it up when I’m working from home – but we do too many video meetings (even if they are internal) to be in PJs all day. I just try to find what is most comfortable and presentable.

Paul Homan

I like getting dressed up sometimes, so I come to work in a tie even if I don’t have to. When I telework, I often go somewhere outside of my house like starbucks – so I tend to spruce myself up a bit. Plus you never know when you might see a cutie – you should always be ready.

Mary McKenna

At Learning Pool we’re donating £5 to Breast Cancer Awareness for each team member wearing pink tomorrow. We want to include all the members of our virtual team as well so we’ve asked them to upload their #pinkfriday pics to Yammer, our organisation’s chosen channel for team communication. Even more – we wanted to include all 7,000 members of our online Learning & Development community so we’re donating £1 for each of them who sends us a picture of themselves dressed in pink. Gonna be a great day & for such a good cause 🙂

Angel Delgado

Sweats and running shorts so I’m ready for my lunch-time jog… unless of course there is a video tele-conf, where I do just like Jack!

Sachin Shah

I take my daughter to school each morning so I put on pants and a shirt. Everyone knows when I have a meeting because I’ll show up at school in a suit and wearing my badge. 🙂

Cheryl L. Middleton

I’ve been teleworking for quite a few years now. I take advantage of the fact that I get to sleep in and don’t have to commute over an hour each way. Basically, when I telework, I roll out of bed, throw on my glasses and turn on my computer still wearing my pj’s. I haven’t done video conferencing so it doesn’t really matter what I’m wearing. I find by doing this, I immediately get into my day at 7am and find that it’s almost 11am and I’ve gotten so much accomplished! When I take my lunch break, I typically throw on some yoga pants or activewear so I can play with my dog or go for a walk. If you don’t have to video conference, why not wear your pjs? Come on, I know everyone has had at least one of those days when they wake up and think to themselves “Man, if I could just wear some sweatpants to work…” Well, here’s your chance!

Tamara Lamb-Ghenee

Since I have to take the kids to school even on telework days, I do get out of my pjs, but I am a lot more casual at home. Usually jeans or yoga pants so I am ready to walk the dog at lunch. Big thing for teleworking is no shoes!

Gadi Ben-Yehuda

When I telework, I usually start the day when I would have started getting ready for work, which is to say, about 5 minutes after I open my eyes, so my first hour or so is in PJs. But when I would normally start my commute, I like to get dressed in clothing only slightly more casual than what I would wear to work. Putting on my big boy pants helps me get my mind in the game.

Lori Reichert

I follow the same routine when I telework, so that means I start earlier and probably end later. The bonus is that I get better coffee and better food. Plus if it is a nice day, I can wear my walking runners and go for a fresh air break. As far as clothes go, I tend to wear business casual. This way if I get called in for an on-site meeting I’m still able to get to the office quickly.

Tomeka Wray

I normally do tee-shirt and sweats. I log in earlier because it takes me less time to get ready. I am more productive because I am not being constantly interupted.


Generally, my only dress code when working from home is no PJs. I just don’t feel like I’m awake and working if I’m still in my warm and fuzzies! Luckily, I rarely have video conferences, so I’ll usually go with jeans or yoga pants and a tee.

Deborah Griffin

LIke everyone already commented, I think the biggest advantage of telework is getting started almost immediately in the morning. There is no time spent on packing a lunch or driving in so productivity is so much higher. Wardrobe is definitely casual – pj’s til around lunch and then sweats.