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Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Remember last year when GovLoop went to twelve different cities to visit GovLooper’s from coast-to-coast in a superb GovUp way? Well, weee’rrree baaaack!!

Not quite as aggressively, but don’t worry – you’ll have your chance to get us to your city before the end of next year…I promise!

For now, here is the line up:

October 25 in Sacramento, CARegister Now!

November 2 in Philadelphia, PA – details coming soon

November 9 in Boston, MA – details coming soon

Tell us – what city should we go to next?

Any speakers or specific topics that interest you?

Want to reminisce about the great times in 2010 – check it out here!

If you don’t remember (or know what a GovUp is) — well that’s okay. It is essentially a meet up with govies. A place for you to meet your fellow colleagues and friends, learn from each other and grow your career/network in a fun casual environment!

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Christopher Whitaker

CHICAGO! You know how much has changed since your last visit?! Apps Contest! Lookatcook.com! @Mayoremanuel! #opendata up the wahzoo!