Does the SCOTUS health care decision matter for govies?

Washington this week is on the edge of its collective seats about the pending decision by the Supreme Court of the United States about the Affordable Care Act and whether the provisions are constitutional. That decision could come as soon as today, but just about everybody expects a decision by the end of the week.

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My question: Does it matter to you — to government? When push comes to shove — and it probably will — but when this decision comes down, does it really impact the ‘business’ of government? Yes, it will mean a change of work for some folks at the Department of Health and Human Services, but… does it really make a difference for government workers? And how much should GovLoop InsightsDorobekINSIDER be covering all of it?

As always, we focus on six words: Helping the government do its job better. So I’m literally asking: Is there a way we can help? Or can we help by focusing on issues that government is working on?

Love to get your thoughts…

Or sound off on our poll: Does the Supreme Court health care decision matter for how government works?

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