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Friday Fab Five – Careers, Young Money and Open Source

Every Friday, we take a quick look back at the week and highlight five members or moments that were especially awesome. Here’s who and what rocked it out this week. Also, we want to know how or what you think killed it this week on the site so help us out with your comments below.

5. The Most Popular Blog of the Week goes to Lauren Modeen‘s What’s Your 6 Word Career Story? Now Lauren is on GovLoop staff so that’s a little unfair but your guys’ responses are what made the post awesome. Here are some of our favorites:

– avoid five year plans follow heart – Hope O’Keeffe

– Predictably, wage freezes follow my hiring! – Bryan Conway JD, PMP

– challenge to challenge with upward trajectory – Dave Uejio

– have passport and policy, will travel – Tracie Sanchez

4. The Top Forum was Rob Ahern‘s SharePoint 2010 – Optimized Usage in a Federal Environment? The discussion centers around if anyone has gone through SharePoint integration with their office. Rob’s point is that the agencies and office are under-utilizing tools such as SharePoint.

This issue is something that we are working through in our office as well but with the 2007 version. I think the biggest challenge we have found is encouraging users to regularly access the site to receive information. We have made some progress by signing users up for email alerts and RSS feeds. – Lorelei Cheung

3. Most Active Group goes to Open Source Software in Government? The group has actually buzzing the last few weeks and Tech@State last week kept the buzz going along with GovLoop’s announcement of our free Open Source Training on Feb 24. You can sign up here.

2. Quote of the week comes from Amanda Parker on the blog post “Young (Fed) Money: Personal Finance Strategies for Young Fed”. First off you got to love the name of this blog and also the subject matter. The blog is the first in a series that will help feds (young and old) make sure they stay on top of their money.

I think I liked the psychological aspect of this article the most. As a student with 60,000 in UG debt (currently working my way through the Masters-debt free!) there really is a lot of shame attached to how much debt you have and how (not) on top of your payments you are. I definitely reached a point where I needed to dig out those statements from lenders and get organized. You feel awful while you’re ignoring the problem, but it feels great to have addressed it.

1. Finally, Rockstar(s) of the Week goes to Aaron Silvers. Aaron has been posting lots of blogs and making lots of comments and has even been featured in two newsletters. I’d say that’s a productive week!

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