Get and Stay Active!

New job, new routine and potentially new location…how do you build in a new routine and stay/become active? It’s easy for some people, but others it takes a nudge…but that’s why we are here to help! Luckily this adminstration is big on this and has great resources like and

Many cities have programs/groups you can join; such as Bike Washington or Washington Runners. There are also gyms, yoga studios and local memberships you can seek out.

Want some more advice, ask around your office and see what they do…who knows you could find a great accountability partner that way! I’d also check out these groups on GovLoop:Cycling Enthusiasts (they even have GovLoop cycling jerseys)and Gov Gourmet.

Be sure to check out all the resources we have available for you:

New Hire Handbook Resources Social
Benefits New to DC Get Active

Did we miss something? Help us by adding more fitness resources below!

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