GIS conference brings in big government presenters

Esri’s Federal GIS Conference (February 9-10, 2015) will train attendees how to use their technology in a way that inspires change and resilience throughout the government. This event that is free for federal employees provides the ultimate networking experience for the over 3,000 attendees that have a desire to expand their knowledge while back at the office.

Government leaders and Esri experts will work together to present real life examples of how GIS technology is used everyday to solve the nation’s most daunting challenges. Lee Pera, a US Environmental Protection Agency Program Analyst and Owen Evans of Esri are presenting a session titled, “Being a Proactive ArcGIS Online/Portal Administrator”. Together they will share helpful tools, resources and insights into managing large organizations that use maps on a daily basis. They will focus on demonstrating the benefits of a proactive approach when dealing with over 1000 agency workers.

Another session called “Analyzing Multidimensional Scientific Data in ArcGIS” is co-presented by Christopher M. Henton of the Naval Oceanographic Office and John Fry from Esri. They are attempting to simplify multidimensional data such as meteorological and oceanographic data through the usage of ArcGIS at 10.3. Using the technology, they will show how the important data sources are easy to process, analyze and share. Examples of global, regional and local spatial and temporal analysis in GIS will be shown using satellite and model-derived earth science data.

These are just two sessions of the many that are available. Session topics range from giving a basic overview of GIS for beginners to specific topics such as sharing 3D content or making apps for disaster response. This conference is an amazing learning resource for all government workers that want to move their career forward while thinking innovatively. Click on this link to register and learn more information!


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