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Former Governor O’Malley Keynote Speaker at Esri Federal GIS Conference!

At the Esri Federal GIS Conference on February 10, 2015, former Governor Martin O’Malley delivered a motivating keynote speech on the importance of GIS technology for government leaders that want to make a lasting difference for their constituents. O’Malley has been a pioneer for geographic information systems throughout his political career. During his first twoRead… Read more »

GIS conference brings in big government presenters

Esri’s Federal GIS Conference (February 9-10, 2015) will train attendees how to use their technology in a way that inspires change and resilience throughout the government. This event that is free for federal employees provides the ultimate networking experience for the over 3,000 attendees that have a desire to expand their knowledge while back atRead… Read more »

A History of Transformation: Innovations From the Intelligence Community

This is Part II of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Director, Letitia A. Long’s Keynote presentation at the 2014 Esri Federal GIS Conference. Read Part I here: Discovering the Unknowns: The Importance of Geospatial Intelligence. During the keynote address, Director Long provided insights as to how the intelligence community has evolved. “I will tell you thatRead… Read more »

Discovering the Unknowns: The Importance of Geospatial Intelligence

The 2014 Esri Federal GIS conference was filled with insights on the latest GIS developments and Esri announcements. The annual event is a great opportunity to connect with peers in government. The theme of this year’s conference, Integrating Government, highlighted how GIS is able to connect various IT trends, such as big data, mobile, cloudRead… Read more »

Clarity from Complexity: GIS Delivers for Transportation Leaders

In today’s world, understanding how our interactions relate to geography is essential. It’s just this simple: comprehending the complexities our world requires that we understand how we interact with geography. This is why we’ve seen countless examples of government agencies developing and implementing tools that visualize spatial data and information. Often we have seen theRead… Read more »

Putting the Where in Social Analytics: How Location Analytics and Social Media is Transforming Government

Yesterday GIS professionals from throughout the Washington, DC metro area joined to share in an opportunity to learn more about the unique integration of social media and GIS. Social media has changed the way organizations engage and communicate with citizens. Yet, understanding how to truly leverage volumes of unstructured social media data presents unique challengesRead… Read more »