A Good Resume Is Like A Jack O’ Lantern

As the spookiest day of the year approaches, it’s time to think about something that strikes fear into the heart of many a hiring manager: resumes. Anyone who has been in a recruiting position has slogged through countless dense, dreary, visually unappealing documents. With this in mind, how can an applicant make theirs clear, informative and a pleasure to read? By treating the resume-creation process like carving a pumpkin. To help with this, here are four things that a good jack o’ lantern and a good resume have in common.

  1. They’re Eye-Catching

You want the best pumpkin on the block, and you definitely want the best resume in the stack. Black text on a white background is a classic choice for a reason, but in this day and age, don’t be afraid to branch out a little. Some splashes of color or a slightly unique format might be just what you need to catch a reader’s attention. After that, it’s up to the substance to hold interest.

  1. You’ve Removed the Unnecessary Stuff

Depending on who you ask, scooping out the insides is either the best or worst part of carving a pumpkin; when it comes to resumes, getting rid of the goop is a step you can’t afford to skip. Were you president of the chess club in high school? That definitely made your parents proud, but it’s not necessary information for potential employers. Your resume should highlight relevant experience—previous employment, awards and publications. Removing anything that distracts from this will ensure that your resume is concise, readable and effective.

  1. They Reflect Your Personality

A good jack o’ lantern is recognizably yours, with your own unique artistic touch, and the same goes for a resume. A resume for a graphic designer is probably going to look different than one for an accountant, and you want it to match both you and the position you’re applying for.

  1. They’re Not Too Flashy

We’ve all seen overlyambitious carvings that can’t quite be deciphered, or flamboyant ones clearly intended to show up other carvers. Don’t make the same mistake with your resume—an eye-catching design is good, but one that shifts the focus away from your real accomplishments is not. Don’t overwhelm the reader or put them off with crazy colors or confusing formatting.

Whether your goal is getting your porch ready for Halloween or landing an exciting new job, these tips have you covered. Keep them in mind and your resume and jack o’ lantern will be the envy of all who see them.


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Declan Riordan

Good resume-building advice! I definitely work to keep my resume concise and simple but sometimes wonder if it’s going to be enough to make the hiring manager want to take a second look. It really depends on the person.