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Gov 2.0 Radio – Publivate Geordie Adams

This week we had Geordie Adams of Publivate on Gov 2.0 Radio

They run an innovative/crowdsourcing technology and service company for public service.
Some notes from his conversation.
The methodology is key

-what it is

-what it is not
-structure around it/responsibilities
-strategic elements around it
-how you communicate and market it
-getting senior leadership on-board
-focusing on how you reach out and the wifm (what’s in it for me)
-how you phrase questions – for example, a great challenge question was “how might our department remain relevant in the future” got great response
-3rd pillar – it is so key to have follow through and have senior leaders have to do something with research

Think long-term
-Don’t boil the ocean – specify a narrow scope
-Commit to 12-14 month engagement to learn VS an engagement.
-Build and learn from engagements over time
-Focus on developing the community of interest that is created around ideas
His favorite books
-Heath Brothers “Switch”
-Daniel Pink “Drive”

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Jenn Gustetic

Great to see y’all got to chat with him and his approach to innovation! I chatted with him a while back and he’s brilliant.

Always bringing new exciting topics to Gov 2.0 Adriel. Thanks and keep up the good work!