Gov 2.0 Radio Recap – Jed Sundwell

Jed Sundwell, contractor for USA.gov and gobierno.gov, for 2 years

-help develop and implement social media strategies
-live in San Diego
Open San Diego
-non-profit – make info about San Diego freely to use
-find data out there
-an experiment in how to sell this concept
-want to do prize/bounty for a specific dataset and compelling
One common trend from folks is “gotcha-ism” – to expose inefficient. But which gov’t agency wants to participate that.
Their goal is not to expose and shine light on things. That’s fine but not stated goal.
One solution for making government data popular is the market. Brightscope is a company out of San Diego that takes government data (from Department of Commerce) related to 401k plans and adds context around it.
Incentives for journalists is key
Try to create parallel content between usa.gov and gobierno.gov
-but content is different
-when reaching Hispanics online, some want it in English and others Spanish
-Spanish is longer than English in characters – like 20% longer – can be hard with restrictive characters
-Cultural differences – Biggest difference is 2 groups – culturated and un-culturated. The un-culturated are less tech-savvy but can be reached often through their children
-using Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter – based on critical mass
-constantly looking at metrics – they want a larger audience, # of clicks, RT, comments
Check out usa.gov shortener too.

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